The engine is simply a translator Just like we can interact with somebody who doesn’t know our language. And this special translator is called the engine to understands what they mean. Almost everyone that has worked with Javascript has to stimulate with the V8 engine. The shape of the JS engine. And most people know that Javascript is a single-threaded language. That is using a callback queue. we also hear phrases like JS is an interpreted language. So why we quite discover the whole of this? We can just write code without knowing each of these principles and we’ll be…

A brief introduction about React Hooks

React hook is a new feature that was introduced in February of 2019 with react sixteen point eight hooks is a really really exciting feature. It aims to replace the way that we write certain components as well as how we write our applications. Hooks are a way for us to write functional components but gain access to new functionality that was previously only available to us if we wrote class components. We can’t use hook inside the class component. We can only use them inside the functional components.

So let’s begin…


useState is exactly like it sounds it allows…

Everything you need to know to lay out your page with Flexbox

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CSS flexbox is a one-dimensional layout pattern that makes it easy to design flexible and effective layouts. Divide space between items and control their alignment in a given container flex layout. It also provides a lot of flexibility. With flexbox, we can organize items from left to right, top to bottom, and at the same time control the spacing and order of the items in the container.

How Does It Work?

In flexbox, there are mainly two entities: a parent container (the flex container) and the immediate children elements (flex items).

We also have to deal with the axes: the main axis and the…

A modern introduction to some of the new features in ES6 is also known as ECMAScript 6 and ECMAScript 2015.

Arrow Function

ES2015 important syntax addition arrow function. Arrow function provides a short and concise syntax for writing functions and they also simplified the behavior of this keyword in javascript. First things we omit the function keyword. we can just use the parentheses and followed by the greater than sign and right arrow without spacing. And the right-hand side we wrote curly braces and then execute other codes inside this curly braces.

//Normal function
function sayHello(value) {
return value;
}//Arrow function

Common Javascript interview question with answer

1. Tall me About JavaScript?

Ans: Javascript is a lightweight Object-Oriented programming language. Which used for client-side scripting and validation. It’s introduced in 1995 when it supports only the Netscape navigator browser. Then it’s adopted all kinds of other browsers. it mostly features interact webpage directly without page reloading. Although Javascript has no connectivity with java programming.

2. key features of javascript?

Ans: Some of the features of javascript are:

  • lightweight
  • Interpreted Programming language.
  • Open source Cross-Platform

3. Disadvantages of javascript?

Ans: Some of the disadvantages of Javascript.

  • No support for multithreading.
  • No support multi-process.
  • It can’t be used for networking applications.

4. What is an argument object?

Ans: Javascript Function accepts arguments is…

React is not a framework it’s a javascript library. We can import its built-in method and use it. React work with an entire network of tools all work together. Webpack, npm, node, J.S.X, and Babel. There are alternatives for tools but this is the most common use.

Photo by Malte luk from Pexels

J.S.X in React

It looks like everything in the HTML tag But this is all about Javascript. In react, app JSX babel preset will transform these expressions into actual Javascript code. Babel is typically used and recommended for transforming JSX expression.

return (
<div className="title">
<h1>Hello World!</h1>

This is a simple JSX code…

Common HTML and CSS Interview-Questions with Answer

Here have the most commonly asked HTML5 And CSS interview questions and answers.

1. Why do we use HTML5?

Ans: HTML means hypertext markup language. It helps us to create an easy graphical web page audio video image animation and also link different pages. some point I mention

  • Better interactions.
  • Fresh code.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Smarter storage.

2. How do you open a popup window using HTML 5?

Ans: HTML5 version introduces a new element <dialog> and it’s made easy to create a popup in a single line. This element makes it natural to create popup dialogs and modals on a web page.

3. How do you pick a date in HTML?

Ans: The <input type="date"/>defines a date picker.

4. What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

Ans: HTML tags-only opening and closing tags without…

In these stories, we will jump some javascript features. That we must use in our codes.

Client-side storage

Away we know about the static websites and dynamic websites. most website is dynamic they store data into the server and serves data depending on a client request to display data into the client-side. But when we went to some of the data we need to store on the client base like shopping cart, website theme, color,font-size. This time helps us client-side storage. client-side storage work for storing data directly within the browser. Client storage is browser-independent.

There are a few methods as we…

In this article, we will focus on some of the important JavaScript methods. The sections will be broken down by module.

Javascript String Methods

1. charAt()

When we want to access the individual characters in a string.

const name = "Thor"

In another way, we also find a specific character in our string. This method is like an array value finding.

const movie = "Thor"

2. concat()

const fristName = "Jon";
const lastName = "Doe";
console.log(fristName.concat(" ",lastName))


Includes method checks if a specific value exists or not, and it returns a boolean value.

Note: The includes methods are case-sensitive.

const country = "Bangladesh…

In this tutorial we will learn very basics of redux and implement our react countDown app. let’s begin.


First, we create a react app as we know with

npx create-react-app myapp

Now we install our redux in this app with this command

npx install redux

okay now we completed our installation it’s time to run our app. I believe. you know how to run the app better than me. just open your terminal and goto project directory with cd myapp and run npm start.

Folder Structure

Create a folder in our src directory and name it redux also create a file myRedux.js

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